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flash cs 4 TO Youtube

2013-07-12 22:53:04 by marciano



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2013-07-12 23:26:14

Check that grammar brah.
But .wav is what I typically upload projects in, just out of personal preference.


2013-07-13 01:01:58

I don't recommend exporting it in .Avi, I am not sure but I think CS4 can only export it uncompressed and it can take many gigabytes for a few minutes of animation. Not only that but the renderer used for that will only process the first frame of movieclips and won't execute any actionscript so if you rely of that for your effects it won't work.
You can use Swivel for free to export the movie in H.264, it's set at default to 4 Mbps but I recommend you to go to 8 Mbps to get better results. Just export the movie to .swf, load it in Swivel and let it render (It might take some time if it's very complex.


2013-07-13 01:33:48

Get swivel and do not touch any of the settings, just export it and upload it. Swivel is usually set to the smallest file size it can export so yeah.. try that.